Friday, July 5, 2013

A pocket of silence

The Phoenix song 14"×11" (35.6×27.9cm)
Oil on canvas panel May 2013
Although some sort of "Studio News" blog post about my own work has been scheduled for today, this is rather an announcement that I'll skip it, as well as, probably a few next "studio news" issues. 

After all, it's not like I really have any hot, pressing news to share; that, in a sense, is the whole point of this blog. But now, what with studying Cezanne, and going even deeper into Shakespeare, and reading Rilke about Cezanne -- I am faced so directly with, using Rilke's term, the utmost, so overwhelmingly genuine, real, and great that my own little bits and pieces of news seem like noise even to myself. 

I obviously need a pocket of silence to come to terms to all that, inasmuch as I possibly can; so I will be writing here for the next few weeks about Cezanne, and Rilke, and Shakespeare's sonnets, and the rhythms of English verse. This, come to think about it, is the closest I really have to "Studio News". 
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