Monday, April 29, 2013

Painting Beethoven's sonata

Beethoven, Sonata op.26, no.12. 
24"x18". Oil on linen.
A somewhat unusual today's work today, prompted by +olga belov, who suggested that I might approach a better understanding of music if I tried to paint it. So this is how this version of this canvas came to be.

Its original version was based on a plein air study, focusing on blue-yellow vibrations of a green hill, underscored by the reds of a rose garden underneath. This is how this first version looked like. 

I chose it for this Beethoven-based study because I was planning to rework it anyway, and it came to mind while I was first listening to the piece suggested by Olga. Here it is:

It wasn't the first time that I painted while listening to music, but I've never tried to paint the piece itself, focusing on it as my major subject matter, adjusting my arm movements to its rhythms and color choices, to its sounds. I am not sure what to think of the result yet, but it certainly was a very intense experience. 
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