Friday, January 18, 2013

On being unique

A speculation on the modern mythology of uniqueness, and its relationship with art(s), was my idea for today's post, but it seems I am not up to it today (due to a cold). 

So, as a warm-up (pun unintended), here is a famous Fry & Laurie episode about language:

Although amusing in many ways, I want to draw your attention to the part (beginning about 2.00) where Stephen Fry laments that people are running around repeating all the same sentences all the time ("Good morning!", "It hurt", "You are unique", "Why should I?"), time after weary time, even though the language allows for a multitude of unique word combinations expressing quite legitimate novel thoughts; and then goes on to produce an example, "a unique child" of his own unique brain. 

Just try and catch the extraordinarily novel thought conveyed by this unique combination, while I'll nurse myself back to the temporarily lost ability to express my own unique thoughts... :)
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