Monday, November 19, 2012

Website news

Untitled 24"×20" (61.0×50.8cm) Oil on canvas panel. 
Two updates on my website today:


First, I have updated the portfolio section of the website: a group of twenty five paintings I am willing to call the best I've done so far. Somewhere, I have read this advice to have such a group of selected works and update it with some regularity, to understand where you stand and whether you are making any progress. This time, I had some works to add (and, accordingly, some others lost their spots). This untitled painting is one of those that made it this time.

Winter "anti-depression" special

I have also added a special winter gallery of paintings selected for their anti-depressive effect; I've read that warm colors, reds, oranges, yellows have this effect, and it did work for me. But it is particularly helpful in struggling with blues caused by insufficient sunlight. So, I've decided to choose twenty five sunniest paintings I have: you can browse them, print them out, or even, if you are so inclined, purchase one (or more) of them as a permanent anti-depression remedy.   
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