Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seven Chagall studies

Marc Chagall. Self-Portrait with palette. 1914
Over the next few weeks, my "Autumn with Marc Chagall" will revolve around seven of his paintings chosen by my friends on Google+: I am going to do an oil study of each of them on a smaller scale, and each person who suggested a painting will have the option to receive the study as a gift from me!

Of the seven spots I have offered, five are already taken: four individual paintings suggested by Google+ users (all of them are featured in this blog spot), and one spot reserved for a future choice by one, very special, patron of mine. 

Marc Chagall. The Blue House. 1917.
Which means that there are two spots left if you wish to receive an oil study of your favorite painting by Marc Chagall as my gift for winter festivities (or simply want to challenge me to do something, well, challenging): give me a link to a reproduction (for example, from his Wikipaintings gallery), and once I complete a study and post a photo, you get to decide whether you want it. 

Marc Chagall. The green violinist. 1923-1924
For the purpose of self-teaching, and sharing this learning experience, I will record each study on my Google+ "In Studio with Masters" page: its historical context, whatever is known about it, its purely artistic qualities and peculiarities, the things I find particularly challenging. As ever, you are welcome not only to follow my adventures, but also to join me on the road: choose yourself a painting by Marc Chagall, do a study yourself, and share it with us! 

As of now, I plan to do my studies in chronological order of creation, as the paintings are shown in this post. So, I conclude with the one which, at the moment, seems the most challenging one of them, "Madonna of the Village":

Marc Chagall. Madonna of the village. 1942

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