Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grand Chagall Challenge on Google+

Today's post in the "Autumn with Marc Chagall" series is, essentially, an announcement:

The Chagall Challenge Show on Google+ will take place in cooperation with the next First Friday Art Walk event on December 7, 2012. 

This event is open to any work inspired by Marc Chagall, in any genre: painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, mixed media, digital images, sculpture, photography, poetry, short stories, or anything I have forgotten to list here. Insofar as your work is inspired by Marc Chagall, it is welcome to our show.  

(I occasionally dream, as a matter of fact, of what would have happened had the giants of XXth century painting lived even longer than they did and could have been here for the inception of digital art. I believe we would have had quite a different art history then.) 

"Inspired by Marc Chagall" can be interpreted in any way you wish, from a study (or copy) of an individual painting to a general stylistic association to a loose thematic link. But in case you need additional hints, here is a list of minor "Chagall challenges", that is, ideas to explore:

1. "Wrong color": something painting in a color that might seem wrong but feels right!

2. "Green vs. red": explore the ways Chagall used greens in his paintings (he was really good at it, and obviously loved greens).  

3. "Break the scale": combine within the same painting things in "wrong" relative sizes

4. "Turn it upside down": include things with "wrong" orientation, or just turn your support upside down in the middle of the process.

5. "Let it float": let things that usually remain earth-bound (like cows or goats, for example) fly in your skies.

All these ideas are just ways to increase the freedom in your work, not to confine it to one or more of them!

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